seat selector guide

Need More Help? Use Our Seat Simulator

We designed this seating simulator so that you can better communicate with your fitter, bike shop or us directly. Print the diagram out and cut it out, we suggest to also cut out the two center section so that you can more easily see the pressure areas. Leave the Red oval area attached also, that will also help with the visualization of any pressure points. All of our saddles are designed to have multiple areas for rider comfort, your position, the bike set up and your flexibility all effect where you ride most of the time but on long rides it is nice to know that there are other positions quickly available just to change the contact areas. We feel that a properly designed saddle will “cradle” you and add to your core support while riding, this aids with upper body comfort and helps relieve pressures on the lower back. Having the latest mega dollar bike is of minimal value if you can’t stay aero or stay comfortably in the saddle for long stretches, using the saddle for proper leverage will build your performance and make your bike and all those long training miles fun.

Steps to print the diagram for most accuracy

  1. Right click on the diagram
  2. Choose the option to open image in a new tab
  3. Use Ctrl + P to print
  4. Use a writing utensil to mark areas of discomfort.
  5. Email us at with your findings by taking a picture or scanning the diagram and our team of specialists will guide you through our line of saddles based on your needs.