Men's Seat Selector Guide  

How to use this chart

There are many things that effect saddle comfort and selection, when your bike seat is uncomfortable it will affect more than just your bottom sitting area. The wrong seat can also cause crotch numbness, foot numbness or hot spots, hand numbness, neck and shoulder pain along with inner leg chaffing. We have had lengthy discussions with hundreds of cyclist and we have tried to develop different a method to help consumers find the right seat, it is always difficult because no two bottoms are the same. We do not use sit bone width as a guide, sitting on a foam pad is not accurate and is of no value when choosing a saddle for a performance oriented cyclist. We do not make saddles for Beach Cruisers and completely “upright” riding positions.

We have developed what we feel is an easy to understand, seat buyer’s guide that is based on handle bar height relationship to the top of the saddle. In doing a bike fitting, there is always a range used in the H/Bar height, based on rider comfort and the rider’s performance goals, this is indicated by the two different bar heights indicated in the drawings at the bottom of the page. Choose the drawing that most closely resembles you bike setup and then find the saddle that corresponds. On our website there are more in depth explanations of each saddles’ designs and advantages. We always recommend that if possible, send us a side view picture/video of you and your bike, we are glad to make recommendation to help solve your problems, it’s FREE and we are the best at using this information to solve your problems.

If you are riding an indoor trainer or Peloton type bike, our narrow rear saddle width will make your riding experience much, much better. During the standing segments of a spin workout, not having the seat interfere with your legs is very helpful, our innovative shapes will help with your core support and protect you from numbness.

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