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Since 1972, the legendary John Cobb’s designs of saddles and aerodynamic solutions have played a significant role in bicycle technology. Countless champions and racers have benefited from JCOB saddles and short cranks as their ultimate performance solutions.

We are not a vast marketing entity. We do not stamp produce our products like most others in the industry do. We firmly believe that each and every bicycle rider out there possesses unique issues related to saddle discomfort and power inefficiency; therefore, in correspondence to those potholes, we are tasked by both the public and the enthusiasts to delve into solid research for the next generation of technology that can address those cycling problems. It is certainly easier said than done, but we are tackling those issues with poise and tenacity every step of the way.


We are JCOB.
And our promise has stayed upright for more than 50 years.


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