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Two years ago, I had tremendous pain on the right side of my butt (exact location will not be disclosed). John and I had a video chat and after discussing my issues and showing him my current saddle, John recommended the Max (now the M) for my tri bike. GAME CHANGER! Until a few days ago, I hadn't addressed my roadie which has given me similar discomfort, but my rides hadn't been of Ironman duration until recently as I train for my first Gran Fondo (100 miles).Last week, I contacted Speed & Comfort and Denny helped me select the right saddle and reiterated their 30 day no-questions-asked return policy. My JCOB Delta Thirty Eight arrived days later and Denny agreed to set up a Zoom chat with John to help me install the new saddle properly (I could be the world's worst mechanic).Today he spent 40 minutes watching me ride my trainer and tweaked several things along the way until it was just right. Seriously, who does that? I HIGHLY recommend you consider Speed & Comfort if you're in the market for a new saddle or having issues with your current one. They are the BEST Thanks, again, John!!

Scott from United States

I can't say enough about this company! When I purchased my first Cobb saddle I loved it immediately, no "break in" needed! That saddle took me through many triathlons, including Ironman as well as multiple century's and ultras! Naturally, when I was looking to upgrade, I went back to Speed & Comfort. 

Not only do they offer a fantastic product, they stand behind it!

Customer service is key with this company!!

Twyla from Illinois

I have been riding bikes all my life. I'm 47 now and still ride and race competitively. I've been a top-3 provincial series finisher in cyclocross, a top-10 senior expert mtb racer, and I was a bike messenger 3 times when I was younger. I now ride more for fitness and fun. I love bikes, I love cycling, it's a huge part of my life. As such, I've tried many things over the years. I've had bike fits by coaches and doctors, I have drawers and boxes full of parts, and I can't recall all the bikes I've owned over the years. I recently purchased your Delta M saddle for my full suspension xc bike. I can't believe how fantastic it is. I took to it immediately, and 'got' how to sit on it. It's incredible. It's changed my position and how I sit on my bike. I can much more easily and naturally rotate my pelvis. My legs feel more equal in power than ever before, something I've struggled with. That's the main thing I wanted to say. That can stand on it's own. The saddle is incredible and has changed my life.

Daniel from Canada

I love the saddle.  It was recommended to me during my last bike fit.   I find the Type-5 better for many reasons.  Firstly the front end is firm and with the reinforcing bar under the nose the front end is stiff (but comfortable). The previous saddle would support unevenly and would impact my hips through the pedal stroke.  The Type 5 is also a bit narrower than my previous saddle and better for my position and comfort when I ride fwd.  I find the cushioning firm but comfortable enough to be able to spend very long periods in the aero position.  I have recommended it to friends.

CAPT Doug from Australia

Many of these saddles are designed for cyclists who routinely put in a lot of hours and miles on the bike. I got the saddle which is a saddle I thought I needed. It placed too much pressure on my pubic rami and was too firm all around. Thankfully they have a great return policy and will let you try out other saddles. They helped me with my return and suggested the Type T, which is wider and more suited to my 6'1" frame. By far the best saddle I've had and stood up to the test of a 8 hour ride with no issues at all. I highly recommend them if you're an endurance cyclist or triathlete. I also recommend measuring your sits bones and talking to a rep before you order one.

Danny from Tennessee

I have been searching for 2 years for the perfect saddle to go on my Trek Speed Concept. My biggest issue with all the other saddles I tried was saddle sores, numbness, and just general discomfort. I literally considered selling my bike because I just could not find a combination of bike fit and saddle that would cure the saddle sores. The Delta P is finally the answer!! The softer and narrower nose in addition to the lower frontal area of the saddle was the exact right combination for me. I can ride for hours and the saddle just disappears. Also, I can also get as aggressive/all the way on the front of the saddle as I want and it stays invisible.  If split nose saddles aren't the answer for your Tri bike then I would give this a try.

Bart from Alabama

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