Saddle Sores

Saddle sores are typically defined as an infected hair follicle or a boil caused by an abrasion (constant contact with a saddle that does not fit your body). They often show up as bumps under the skin or have a similar look to a pimple.

Saddle sores appear where it comes in contact with the saddle. Popular hot spots for saddle sores include the uppermost inner thighs, the perineal region, and the crease where leg becomes bottom.

Seat height is an important factor when dealing with saddle sores. Be certain your saddle is set up correctly. A saddle that is too high can force the rider to reach down for the pedals or pulls the body further into the saddle, causing excess pressure and/or chaffing that leads to saddle sores. A saddle that is too low doesn’t allow the legs to support the body and puts excess pressures on your crotch, increasing the chances of a saddle sore.

Saddle geometry is also another factor in causing saddle sores. A saddle that is too wide will cause increased pressure and chaffing along the creases where the legs meet the body, whether in the gluteal region or crotch region.

Be cautious of the thickness of bike short chamois. Thick chamois can cause more problems rather than fix them. Thick shorts bunch up along the sides of the saddle or into the relief channel of the saddle and hold in sweat, greatly increasing the chances of a saddle sore. Also, ride with a chamois that does not have a seam down the middle of the short as to not cause unwanted rubbing.

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