Women's Road Anatomy Selector

Select what best resembles your soft tissue region


For the women who are considered “Outies”, the vulva and the labia are much more pronounced and exposed, often showing as a physically larger area. The clitoris also may be a physically larger area. In other words, there is more fleshy surface area to the external genitalia for those who are considered outies. For the “Innies”, the vulva, the labia, and the clitoris tend to be more enclosed or drawn up internally so that the crotch area is smoother. The innies will have a smaller exposed soft tissue surface area. So far, it seems that either one can be found with either pubic bone style, but it is beginning to show that the forward hip socket location combined with the protruding pubic bone, tends to be an “Outie” more often, while a less pronounced pubic bone tends to be an “Innie”. As we gain more data, a more consistent trend should emerge on this. While comfort is specific and personal for each body, we have found a trend that connects certain body types to a preference in saddle type. We have found that the “Outies” tend like the wider nosed saddles such as the Max or Fifty-Five models, while the “Innies” consistently like the Plus2 and V-Flow and the new Randee’ models. So after a lot of dancing around, there is the answer! Go check out your downstairs and make the call. Comfort and happiness are what you stand to gain by looking and making the best choice for your body. If you still have questions, you can always give us a call or send us an e-mail…we are not afraid to address your personal comfort!