Men's Comfort Issues

Inner Leg Chafing


Inner leg chafing is generally caused by a saddle that is too wide.


This can be a direct result of saddle width or incorrect saddle position.








My Feet Go Numb


Foot numbness in relation to saddles is often caused by subconsciously standing up on the pedals to take pressure away from the seat



Neck and Shoulder Pain


Neck pain on your bike can be a warning signal that your position on your bike is not giving you the support you need.

A seat should support your core without causing undue crotch pressure.





My Hands Go Numb


Hand numbness and tingling are very common issues among cyclists.

It can affect the riders performance and enjoyment and, except for injuries or any specific medical condition is generally due to saddle tilt or saddle support not being correct.



Crotch Numbness


Numbness is your body telling you something is wrong.

Using the wrong bike seat (which is very rider specific) can induce this quickly.


Seat with relief channels with varying widths can greatly reduce these problems.







Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain is easily caused by saddle tilt or position or lack of core strength.

A strong core is essential to hold up your upper body weight from the pivot point of your pelvis.



Saddle Sores


Saddle sores are caused by prolonged pressure and abrasions relating to your cycling shorts and saddle pressure points.

Thick chamois materials will not solve saddles sores.



Hamstring Irritations


A hamstring “strain” in relation to bike saddles is a result of the upper hamstrings rubbing the side wings of the saddle.

Seat height and saddle shape (along the sides) affect the contact area of the seat and the hamstring area.