Men's Numbness

Numbing in the crotch is one of the biggest complaints of bike riding when it comes to saddle comfort, and is caused when there is too much pressure in the perineum. The perineum is the area in between the rectum and the testicles in males (often called the taint). The perineal area contains blood vessels and nerves central to the external reproductive systems of both male and females alike which can be constricted as a result of certain bike saddles and/or bike fit. Compression and increased pressure in the perineum leads to the constriction of blood vessels that provide blood flow to the penis and testicles in men, causing numbness.

This perineum pressure can be caused by a number of things. For example, cycling on the wrong saddle for your body can cause the compression of the sensitive nerves and blood vessels in the perineum, which ultimately leads to the numbing, tingling sensations, and pain. Another factor may be saddle height and/or saddle tilt. A saddle that is fit too high or at the incorrect angle for the cyclist’s needs causes an increased amount of pressure along the saddle, which also increases the chances of numbness in the genital region.

Possible Solutions

Find the right saddle for you and your riding style. Every person’s body and riding style is different, so the saddle that feels perfect for you may still cause numbness for someone else. Take the time to ride a saddle and adjust it to find your right positioning. Sitting upright may mean you will need a larger relief channel, while a forward aero position could call for a smaller relief channel.

Make sure your saddle height is not too high. Follow this formula to gauge the correct height for you: Inseam Length X .889 = Saddle Height. Don’t be afraid to play around with the tilt of the saddle. Little adjustments can make all the difference when it comes to pressure points.


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