Women's Comfort Issues

Inner Leg Chafing


Inner leg chafing is generally caused by a saddle that is too wide.


This can be a direct result of saddle width or incorrect saddle position.








Numbness is your body telling you something is wrong.


Using the wrong bike seat (which is very rider specific) can induce this quickly



Sit Bone Pain


Pain along the sit bones is a common complaint with bike saddles and can be relieved with the right saddle and proper seating positioning.



Soft Tissue Pressure


Soft tissue discomfort is one of the biggest comfort issues faced by women in the cycling sport and can be relieved with the correct saddle.



Lower Back Pains


Lower back pain is easily caused by saddle tilt or position or lack of core strength.


A strong core is essential to hold up your upper body weight from the pivot point of your pelvis.





Saddle Sores


Saddle sores are caused by prolonged pressure and abrasions relating to your cycling shorts and saddle pressure points.


Thick chamois materials will not solve saddles sores.



Hamstring Strain  


A hamstring “strain” in relation to bike saddles is a result of the upper hamstrings rubbing the side wings of the saddle.


Seat height and saddle shape (along the sides) affect the contact area of the seat and the hamstring area.