JCOB Men Tri-Shorts

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The latest generation of  continuation of our very popular trisport short design series by John Cobb. Used together with JCOB saddles, the JCOB Tri-shorts provides the maximized comfort wtih superlight construction, improved leg grippers, yoga slighter compression band,  multi-directional sweathold-free chamois.  We took a unique path to testing and developing the shorts, we used the Police Bike Patrol riders for feedback. Under many, many of the those riders, under the gun belts and the radios, under the sometimes bulky, long pants, they found that our shorts eliminated the saddle sores and rashes that are a prominent issues for these officers. These officers ride a lot and ride hard in many different conditions, we are proud to help make their lives more comfortable. For all you others, we have a short that disappears on you but the biggest thing about these shorts is that they are the very best running short that a guy will ever put on. The unique stitching pattern forms a strong “package control” area that will hold you in place, eliminating ball pinching and keep you from chafing during the rides or the runs. “But I need thick padding” you say, that is just wrong. You need a great bike fit and a good saddle that fits your anatomy, if you look at the pressure maps that many fitters use, you will see that a thick chamois actually fills in the pressure relief channels that many saddles smartly use, the thick chamois bridges that area and that just brings on the pain after a few miles. Sure these shorts are designed differently and you will soon understand why when you ride them, you’re not shaped generic, these shorts will address the
individuals needs.

Sizing Chart
A.  Inseam Shorts 18 18.5 19 19.5 20 20.5
B. 1/2 Waist 25 27 29 31 34 37
C. 1/2 Hip 34 36 38 40 43 46
 D. 1/2 Leg Opening  19.5 20.25 21 21.75 22.75 23.75


JCOB Men Tri-Shorts
JCOB Men Tri-Shorts
JCOB Men Tri-Shorts
JCOB Men Tri-Shorts

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