Women's Inner Leg Chafing

Inner leg chafing can occur on the insides of the thighs where the thigh rubs against a wide saddle. Chafing can also happen in the creases of the legs where the legs meet the crotch or the glute. Inner leg chafing can be highly uncomfortable, and while chamois creams may come in handy, they don’t always cure the problem at hand.

You can avoid painful inner leg chafing by finding the right saddle for your body. One of the biggest causes of inner leg chafing is a saddle that is too wide. A wide nosed saddle can cause the legs to rub up against the sides of the saddle repeatedly, chafing the inner thighs. A wide rear width in a saddle causes the backs of the legs to rub against the saddle with each pedal stroke, often causing chafing where the legs meet the rear.

Another big factor in chafing can be the type of shorts you ride in. While it may seem like thick padded shorts are necessary for cycling, they can actually cause more discomfort. If your saddle is so uncomfortable you have to pack on a big padded short, you may want to rethink your saddle choice. Thick chamois can not only hold in sweat and bacteria on rides, but they also easily bunch up into relief channels of saddles, bringing pressure to soft tissue areas, but they also can bunch up on the sides of the saddle in between the legs, increasing the friction in that area and causing inner leg chafing. When it comes to shorts, use very thin padding or even tri-shorts. Our shorts are stitched in a way to pull fabric away from the crotch area so that the seams do not cause unwanted rough rubbing.


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