Which is the best MTB / Gravel Saddle

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We has been making World Class, winning MTB saddles since 2001. Since then, we were the first to recognize the need to be able to slide off the back of the saddle for Downhill descent and committed to a narrower rear profile to achieve this. Over the years we have continued to refine the MTB saddles we offer by adding in pressure relief channels and varying foam density and thickness to bring the riders better control and more comfort.

The Delta S is our top choice for MTBs with Dual suspension and riders that want maximum control of their bike. The narrow rear, combined with a deep pressure relief nose area makes for a light weight and "all day" comfortable saddle. The Delta S also has a slightly shorter nose length to help keep from snagging your shorts when mounting or dismounting.

The Delta P makes for a great choice for riders that are looking for a little more cushion or bikes with no rear suspension.  The Delta P has a cut down nose to keep your shorts from dragging and to give some added comfort when riding on the nose on steep climbs. This saddle also features our narrow rear section to aid with bike control while descending. 


The Type R was designed from the outset to give added suspension for those long rough rides.  This is a great Gavel Bike saddle, it's wider across the rear section for comfortable support and has a deep front pressure relief nose to help keep everything happy.   The Type R comes with extended seat rails that allow the rider to slam the seat back for more comfort, these are designed to be ridden "nose high" to help relieve hand pressures on the rough roads. This is also a "short Nosed" saddle to help with not snagging your shorts when coming off the saddle. 

Our Pro SR is a wide rear seat design with the narrowest nose width of any saddle on the market. The long curved rear section will give great all-day comfort and combined with the narrow front; it is a surprisingly great MTB saddle. For Hardtail bikes and for longer rides on developed trails, this saddle can be the finishing touch to make your bike truly great.