Vicenç Castellà

I'm 38.
Husband and father of 3.5 and 0.5 y/o daughters.
PRO triathlon coach and PRO Triathlete.
In 2008 I rode for the first time on a road bike. I was 23 y/o. It was the same moment I started doing triathlons.
I've raced as an AG until 2017, after doing several Ironman Podiums, racing Kona and going Sub 9h.
In 2018 I got my PRO license and was able to make a top10 at Ironman Florida and a PB of 8h25'.
In 2017 I've also turned into a triathlon coach so I would say all my life is triathlon involved and I can't be happier about it.




 I'm really looking forward to it! As mentioned I'm a big fan of your saddles, especially for my triathlon bike.

Cycling as contemporary art

I believe in both of their visions. "Living life through bike" - it promotes social, emotional and mental health and it is also a proponent of sustainability. what jcobcycling is doing- creating products like short cranks is the future of cycling.

- Vicenç -

The challenges ahead, and mostly interest discussion topics of mine are:


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- Vicenç -

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