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Hello, I am Ray Henderson and I own Boreas Coaching an endurance coaching business. My background is in triathlon and I completed my first triathlon in 1992 while serving in the US Navy. I continued to train until I got out in 2000 where I started coaching triathletes and racing hardcore. I even raced in Louisiana at the Sports Spectrum races and met John Cobb. I was fortunate to be able to manage a bicycle shop and a running store during my race years.  


I raced hard until 2005 and my health took a turn for the worst. I couldn’t race for a few years but maintained my coaching business.

It was those years I lived vicariously through my athletes. I took time to not only maintain my USA Triathlon credentials but dig deeper into bike fit, swim and run analysis, and went back to school for physical therapy. I took time to learn from other coaches to develop my own best practices. I also learned a great deal about product quality and a drive to ensure my athletes make wise purchases.

    My health improved for a while but did not last and I developed cancer which required the removal of my whole colon and rectum. I recovered well from my surgeries and I discovered gravel racing and fell in love with the sport. While I am still heavily involved in triathlon I currently race gravel for fun!  

Cycling as contemporary art

I found after 31 years of racing and 23 years of coaching, having fun is the key to it all.

- Ray -

Ray's most interested discussion topics include:

  1. Saddle pressure relieve
  2. Longer distance comfort

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One aspect to enjoying the bike is being comfortable. John Cobb has spent years developing products that allow people to race their best races, have fun, and be comfortable accomplishing their goals. I am thrilled to be a part of this team.

- Ray -

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