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I deal in the racing world and performance oriented riders.

Many studies I have read have delt primarily with lab riders on improperly fitted lab bikes, these are of little meaningful value to a serious athlete.

I have put on several Men/Women specific clinics at different U.S. based Ironman events. I've done these to help spread good information to riders of all levels.

From 1996 - 2002, I worked extensively with several European pro teams doing aerodynamics, positioning and working individually with several World class racers on Time Trial specific efforts.

I went to Kona from 1989 - 2016 to help the athletes, Pro's to Armatures, to go faster and get more comfort.

I have consulted with USA Olympics about riders and sponsored the 2018 Women's Track team where they won Silver Medals.

I carefully select and train the next generation fitters and athletes and would like to help those who want to join the grand journey to victory.




I have over 1000 hours of wind tunnel time doing position studies to improve the riders performance but the best thing I have done for Women was to establish the "Innie" or "Outtie" protocol to help Women choose a better saddle and to be able to talk with their fitters in a professional manor..


Cycling as contemporary art

Women riders need to find more comfort and performance .

- John Cobb -

The challenges ahead, and mostly interest discussion topics of mine are:

  • In the academic world it is always important to write Pier Review articles so that they can be submitted to Medical Journals, These are important in helping separate facts from fiction and to build some trust in authors ongoing research. This is important for doing Grant writing and other sponsorship paths.
  • I have co-authord several papers on aerodynamics and crank length studies with Prof. Jim Martin at University of Utah along with papers by Andrew Coggan on Oxygen uptake and performances from breathing but, I have not found any creditable papers written on specific Women's issues.
  • It is this where our saddles and shortcrank design come in, and we are constantly trying something new here at JCOB.

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- John Cobb -

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