What is the Qfactor on your cranks?

Our crank Q factor is about 145mm, it varies a little depending on the type of B/B used.Text

I want to run 1x - where do I get single chainrings from and what sizes are they available in?

Our cranks are a 8 bolt direct mount style and will work with several different Power meters and with 1X setups. We do not currently sell a 1X crank so you will need to source your own chainring, Sram and several others will work well, just type in "8 bolt direct mount 1X chainring" on Google and you will see several options. The cranks come with clear instructions on how to install the new chainring.

I’ve gone Thru several bike seats and I’m still having pain and numbness behind my scrotum area on the right side especially. I usually ride 50-75 miles on Saturday &Sunday, and 25-30 3 weekdays. I get sore and numb after 15-20 miles, and the swollen area feels like a pecan. I need to find a seat that relieves this pain.

Text I doubt that you will find a "magic" seat to fix your problems without doing some more involved bike fitting. A consistent one sided pressure is generally the result of a functional leg length difference, this can be caused by actual leg length, by offset hip location, slightly curved spine and even cleat placement on the shoe. All of these can be easily corrected but your basic position on the bike will also be very important. If you send me a photo of you on the bike from the side view I will be glad to give you my opinion and maybe help you find that Magic saddle.

I currently have a Trek Speed Concept (BB90) that I run with Rotor 155 mm cranks. I am interested in going down to 145 mm cranks, but was wondering if there was any way to run your cranks with a larger chainring than the 53/39 that is listed. 

Yes, there are other Chainrings that fit our cranks.

Circle Chainring AXS 12Speed Direct Mount 8 Bolt For Sram FORCE RED AXS Road Bik
I saw these on e-bay up to 56th.Text

Will the Short Cranksets work with the 12-Speeds?

No. Not at this time.

What is the size on the screws for the hydration system?

The screws are a M5 8 - 12mm long.

TextThe screws are a

M5 8 - 12mm

I have a dirt plus that I have had for a number of years and need to replace it. The delta P looks very similar - is that saddle the next generation of the Dirt Plus?

Yes. Delta P is the direct next generation replacement of DRT Plus

I am a bigger guy (240LB) I ride 100% MTB and am wondering if you would recommend the Delta M over the Delta

for the most of cases, Delta P is suggested for the bigger/heavier riders. Delta M is suggested for light to medium build riders.

I purchased a rear mount hydration system that fits with the delta 38 seat. Just realized it also works with a flat tire repair kit, but I have no idea how to mount a repair kit to the system. Looks like air cartridges screw into place.

The rear hydration unit is designed for a Co2 cartridge to screw in to the top of the unit and then the C02 inflator, spare tube and tire levers go in the bag. The Velcro tabs on the sides of the bag go through the slots on the sides of the hydration unit.