Brezzy Blue Trianthlon Sock

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Product Description
  • Size: 5-12
  • Length: 1/4
  • Design: Seamless Construction, Forefoot Pad for Comfort and Durability, Air Flow Top Mesh, Arch Support, Ankle Crease Reduction Channels, Y Shaped Heel
  • Materials: 20% Lycra, 80% Microfiber Nylon
  • Steigen Is Made By Athletes, For Athletes
  • Forefoot pad for comfort and durability
  • Arch supports
  • Lightweight fabric for fast moisture transfer and breathability
  • Microfiber nylon (80%) with Lycra (20%) for form fit
  • Airflow top mesh
  • Super flat toe seam for superior comfort
  • Ankle-crease reduction channels
  • Greater control

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