Patrick Lange Wins in Kona (8:01:40)



Very few events take as much sweat and effort to be prepared for as the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Athletes need endless training, mental fortitude and superior equipment to challenge themselves, the island and the competition. As day breaks the pounding of the drums builds the intensity of the day. The world stops and the cannons signal the beginning of a life-changing effort. 
Patrick Lange and his COBB Fifty-Five rose above the day and delivered a performance that will live on in Triathlon. As he caught Sanders with 3 miles left to run clinching the win he left his mark on the race, and as he crossed the line setting a new course record at 8:01:40 he made his mark permanent. 
COBB celebrates our partnership with Patrick Lange, and salutes all athletes that lined up at the Ironman World Championships this past Saturday. This sport is our passion, and we’ll keep investing into the product, the people, and the athletes.